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Our Mission

Every student should have equitable access to the resources necessary to succeed

We believe helping more students make it through college is the most important issue in higher ed today. Today’s Students are different and they need Today’s Support. Since 2014, we’ve been helping schools connect students to the resources and supports they need. Nearly 50,000 more students have graduated because schools like yours believe in providing better support for Today’s Students.

Case Studies

Learn how we’re working with schools to create more student success

Bridging the gap for rural students

Navarro had students spread across many miles, but with help and support from Upswing, was able to get students connected to resources, staff, and more, which resulted in an 11% increase in passage rates.

Increasing math grades by 10% and writing grades by 20%

Winston-Salem State University wanted to help students succeed in historically difficult subjects. They also wanted more data to ensure continuous improvement. Partnering with Upswing, our Virtual Learning Center helped students increase math scores by 10% and writing scores by 20%.

Connecting online students to better support

North Carolina Central University knew the nuances of an online learning environment and wanted to provide their students the type of support when they needed it. As a result, 25% of all tutoring sessions take place on the weekends.

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